The Rise of Anthony Mccomb

The city Dayton, Ohio may not be a nationally known city for its hoops , but all throughout Ohio the city has been known for generations of great guard play. Whether its point or shooting guard dating all the way back to the 80s with Ron Harper and to the 2000’s with guys such as 2009 NBA three point shootout champion Daequan Cook, Two time NBA champ Norris Cole , and even Former Oak Hill Academy and University West Virginia star Juwan Staten all of these players have one thing in common and that is that they all started off as young guards from the city of Dayton “Looking for a way out”. All helping pave the way for most recent standout Guards such as Aj Harris who currently plays for New Mexico State, Jaaron Simmons a guard who last season played for the University of Michigan and had the opportunity to compete in the National Championship game last season and many more. Dating back and looking at all of these great guards coming out of the city this now  leaves us all with one question.. Who’s Up Next ?IMG_3231.jpgThe answer is 6’2 class of 2021 Point Guard from Thurgood Marshall HighSchool Anthony Mccomb . After an outstanding freshman season where Mccomb averaged 13 points per game and was rewarded with many accolades such as Division II District 15 Underclassman team and also was the first freshman to make 1st team all Dayton Public Schools league since Dunbar’s Daequan Cook and Thurgood Marshalls Juwan Staten, Mccomb quickly placed himself in an category with some very elite players. This stellar fall freshman campaign was just the beginning for Mccomb as he went on the AAU circuit with a very talented Neo Tru game program and continued to handle business on the court picking up interest from Wright State and being added to Pac 12 powerhouse Arizona States recruiting list.

Already standing at 6’2 as a 15 year old Mccomb has all the intangibles that will turn the heads of many college coaches as he continues his high school career. Besides his elite skillset one thing that separates Mccomb the most is his eagerness to get better as a player. After all of the early success that was brought his way so early in his highschool career, the work did not stop there for him in fact it had just began in his eyes. This past offseason Mccomb emphasized how some main things that he has been focusing on are being more consistent with his jump shot, improving his ball handling skills, and also working on things such as eating healthier, getting stronger , and faster. When asking Mccomb about what he feel are his strengths while out there on the court he was very confident to say  “I feel that the strength of my game is that I can get everyone on my team involved but I also still have the ability to score when I want to using my mid range game“.  These are qualities that college coaches all over the country would love to have in their Point Guard. Mccomb is set to begin his sophomore season on a very talented Thurgood Marshall team coached by former San Jose state basketball player Shawn McCullough this winter in hopes of making a deep playoff run.

Already off to a great start to his high school career we are very excited here at Heard It Here Hoops to continue following Mccomb throughout his high school journey !