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With the official start of the 2018-2019 NBA season being 15 days away starting at 8 O’clock October 2nd, Heard it Here Sports will begin a countdown until the season by releasing a podcast reviewing both a eastern and western conference team on our very own new youtube channel daily ! Make sure you guys are tuned in to every podcast as we count down until the days until the season officially starts. hearditheresports-official-logo.png

Do the Celtics have what it takes to knock of the Warriors ?

Everyone can agree that the past 3-4 years of NBA basketball have been completely dominated by the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors have appeared in 4 straight NBA finals and winning 3 out of the 4. The only season in which the warriors did not win the championship was the 2015-2016 season where they were taken down by LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in a come from behind 3-1 series. Even this season the Warriors were outstanding breaking the regular season wins record by 73-9. The only weakness shown by the Warriors in this recent era has been the center position and this summer with the addition of All- Star center Demarcus Cousins the warriors officially have the NBA’s first starting lineup composed of 5 NBA all-stars. With the addition of Cousins and the with LeBron James making the switch to join the young Lakers squad who have not even made the playoffs in 5 years, to most people the Warriors path to a three peat seems like a pretty sure thing.IMG_3030.JPG. Although this move to add Cousins to this legendary Warriors squad maybe one of the greatest basketball moves of all time, winning the NBA title may not be such a sure thing for the Warriors after all. In there Eastern Conference there is a organization with the perfect combination of coaching , all-stars and young and upcoming talent the in Boston that if can stay healthy may have a chance to knock off the Warriors this year in the NBA finals.

Boston’s starting five comes with a lot of length and versatility all over the floor which will help them to have the ability to both be very physical with the Warriors and not allow as many three point jumpsuits by running them off the line. With a starting five in which consists of Kyrie Irving, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, Al Horford, the return of all star small forward Gordon Hayward who only appeared in couple minutes of action last season after suffering an ankle injury the first game of the season and a loaded bench the Celtics may have just as much talent if not more then the Warriors. Not to many coaches in the NBA can turn to their bench and have players of the caliber of Terry Rozier, Marcus Smart, Marcus Morris,  Aron Baynes, or even rookie bigman from Texas A&M Robert Williams and this is what really propels this Celtics squad to an elite level.

With training camp beginning Tuesday the Celtics look to pick right back up where they left off last season finishing as the runner up in the Eastern conference without both Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. The 2018-2019 has the making to be another very exiting season . Do you believe that the Celtics have what it takes to beat the Warriors ?

The Rise of Anthony Mccomb

The city Dayton, Ohio may not be a nationally known city for its hoops , but all throughout Ohio the city has been known for generations of great guard play. Whether its point or shooting guard dating all the way back to the 80s with Ron Harper and to the 2000’s with guys such as 2009 NBA three point shootout champion Daequan Cook, Two time NBA champ Norris Cole , and even Former Oak Hill Academy and University West Virginia star Juwan Staten all of these players have one thing in common and that is that they all started off as young guards from the city of Dayton “Looking for a way out”. All helping pave the way for most recent standout Guards such as Aj Harris who currently plays for New Mexico State, Jaaron Simmons a guard who last season played for the University of Michigan and had the opportunity to compete in the National Championship game last season and many more. Dating back and looking at all of these great guards coming out of the city this now  leaves us all with one question.. Who’s Up Next ?IMG_3231.jpgThe answer is 6’2 class of 2021 Point Guard from Thurgood Marshall HighSchool Anthony Mccomb . After an outstanding freshman season where Mccomb averaged 13 points per game and was rewarded with many accolades such as Division II District 15 Underclassman team and also was the first freshman to make 1st team all Dayton Public Schools league since Dunbar’s Daequan Cook and Thurgood Marshalls Juwan Staten, Mccomb quickly placed himself in an category with some very elite players. This stellar fall freshman campaign was just the beginning for Mccomb as he went on the AAU circuit with a very talented Neo Tru game program and continued to handle business on the court picking up interest from Wright State and being added to Pac 12 powerhouse Arizona States recruiting list.

Already standing at 6’2 as a 15 year old Mccomb has all the intangibles that will turn the heads of many college coaches as he continues his high school career. Besides his elite skillset one thing that separates Mccomb the most is his eagerness to get better as a player. After all of the early success that was brought his way so early in his highschool career, the work did not stop there for him in fact it had just began in his eyes. This past offseason Mccomb emphasized how some main things that he has been focusing on are being more consistent with his jump shot, improving his ball handling skills, and also working on things such as eating healthier, getting stronger , and faster. When asking Mccomb about what he feel are his strengths while out there on the court he was very confident to say  “I feel that the strength of my game is that I can get everyone on my team involved but I also still have the ability to score when I want to using my mid range game“.  These are qualities that college coaches all over the country would love to have in their Point Guard. Mccomb is set to begin his sophomore season on a very talented Thurgood Marshall team coached by former San Jose state basketball player Shawn McCullough this winter in hopes of making a deep playoff run.

Already off to a great start to his high school career we are very excited here at Heard It Here Hoops to continue following Mccomb throughout his high school journey !


Puma makes run back into Basketball Market by signing NBA lottery picks

Typically in the world of sports top draft picks usually sign endorsement deals with their “dream” brand or main stream basketball brands such as Nike, Jordan, Adidas or Under Armor. This summer a very unexpected yet popular brand made a giant leap back into the basketball shoe marketing business. Puma a brand who has not signed any NBA players since Vince Carter in 1998 made a jump and signed not 1… not 2… not 3… but 4 first round draft picks from the 2018 NBA draft.

#1 overall pick Deandre Ayton, #2 overall pick Marvin Bagley, #14 overall pick Michael Porter Jr, and #16 overall pick Zhaire Smith were the rookies that Puma landed this offseason. Puma began the summer of signing all of these lottery picks first by signing Marvin Bagley 5 year contact in which brings Bagley  $2-3 million dollars in each year. Shortly after the signing of Bagley, the rest of the guys followed up shortly by signing their deals to Puma as well.

With targeting these younger athletes Puma hopes to begin to attract more up and coming athletes in the future. Not only was Bagley’s contract the largest rookie shoe endorsement dealsince Kevin Durant’s in 2007 it also came with an commitment from Puma to a grassroots infrastructure with the Bagley family that will be centered around skill devilment for the next generation of AAU players.

It dis not stop there for Puma, along side of these lottery picks Puma also signed two players that already have a name for theirselves in the league. One of those players is Spurs small forward Rudy Gay who signed his deal with Puma on June 20th becoming Pumas first vertern athlete for their resurgence as a competitive basketball shoe brand. This deal was a no brainer for Gay to sign because he is also signed to Roc Nations agency which is ran by rapper Jay Z who was selected as the new face of the brand earlier in the year.


The latest addition to the Puma team was Terry Rozier Celtics back up Point Guard who had a breakout playoff run after the injury to all star guard Kyrie Irving. Terry may not be a veteran but with his unique on and off the court style he will surely benefit to the Puma brand to try to make them a front runner in basketball sneakers for the first time in history.IMG_2610.jpg

Already with their established and trending street apparel, the Puma brand definitely is making strides in the right direction to jump back into the basketball sneaker market as well. Do you believe Puma will ever become a top 3 basketball sneaker brand ?

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Celtics Jayson Tatum taking notes from the Mamba

Last NBA season all basketball fans watched the growth and development of Celtics rookie Jayson Tatum during both the regular season and even more in the C’s playoff run before losing a game 7 to Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

With the loss of all star small forward Gordon Hayward on opening night against the Cavs, the opportunity for a consistent second scoring option for the C’s was there for the taking. Tatum took full advantage of the opportunity averaging nearly 14 PPG and 5 RPG during the regular season. Not to bad for just a 19 year old rookie right ?

We all as basketball fans believed that this was the best we would see the young rookie during the 2017-2018 season, but with the loss of another all star Kyrie Irving for the remainder of the season and all the playoffs the C’s were in need of a new first option on the offensive end. Tatum took on this challenge and went on to boost his scoring number averaging almost 19 PPG in the playoffs.

The C’s came up short of the NBA finals but Tatum got straight to work during the off-season. On July 26th the young star got an one on one workout session in with the one and only Kobe Bryant. With someone like Kobe who has mastered nearly every element of the game and has that killer mentality showing him the ropes, Tatum is bound to be a force to be recon with the league for a very long time. Can not wait to see what tricks “the mamba” has taught Tatum when the season rolls around ! Do you think Tatum will become and all star this upcoming season ?